A Multi-Platform Workflow to Enhance Visual Impact Assessment in Geodesign Project

3D Modeling

My colleague and I presented this project at the Geodesign Summit 2023. This project aims to establish a workflow to enhance the visual impact assessment for projects.

City of Richmond in Virginia is known for its beautiful nature and its important historical status. When new development projects are proposed, citizens of Richmond expressed their concerns about some historical views of the city be blocked by the new constructions. We created a workflow that fuses public engagement and technology. We gathered citizens’ opinions on the important views through public meetings, and crowd sourced online geo-tagged images taken at the identified views, and created a web app that runs viewshed analysis based on the real time data input. Users then can generate 3D models of the new developments to evaluate the constructions in eye-level view.


3D view of richmond in web app

Presentation Recording

The full presentation slides are here.

The two videos to be inserted in the slides above: viewshed analysis; 3D models generation